My name is Aaron Dumbrow.  I am a Senior Systems Engineer for VMware focused on Enterprise Healthcare in the Pacific North West. I hold a MBA with a minor in Technology Management as well as a Bachelors in Information Technology.  I was named a vExpert for 2014, I am a VCP4 & VCP5, I am preparing for my VCAP5 – DCD, and hold numerous other Industry and vendor certifications.

I enjoy all things technical and consider myself a consumer of technology, but I do still enjoy learning and building labs to grow my knowledge. I have worked in operations for many years, and spent many years as a consultant. I enjoy trying to help business grow through the proper use of technology, and I enjoy challenging anyone who will listen to rethink their views of technology.

I am http://twitter.com/adumbrow on twitter, http://www.linkedin.com/adumbrow on linkedin, and as always my opinions, posts, tweets, and general ramblingings are my own, and do not necessarily represent those of my employer, or any other vendor I reference in any post.


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